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Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Beijing Experience

In late November last year 14 boys from years 11 and 12 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China.


Recognizing the beauty and dignity of each and every person, the Oblates work in China to build a life for those who are rejected, abandoned, deemed useless and who have no voice. The missions in Beijing work especially close with orphaned and disabled children.


Our role was to go over and assist in this work as best we could.


Some of the places we visited as part of helping the oblates included;


-        Little Flower Orphanage

-        Foster family homes

-        Local kindergartens

-        Local primary and middle schools

-        As well as lots of different places for dinner


We also enjoyed indulging in some of China’s brilliant history and culture:


-        Chinese Art class

-        The Great Wall

-        South Cathedral

-        Temple of Heaven

-        Markets

-        Tiananmen Square

-        Forbidden City


A big thank you goes to Ms Williamson, Father David and Mr McKenna for making this trip extremely enjoyable. Also to Fr Michael and Ms Doubeney from the front office who organised all the details of the trip.

Thank you to Father Giovanni and the wonderful staff in China for making it such a success.


To the boys who went, thank you for making this trip a real trip to remember. I know for some of you this trip was a life-changer and that is great to see.


Going over there and witnessing where our money raised on MAD day goes made every one of us realise how important it is to dig deep for these people who need it so badly.


I strongly urge everyone to put their hand up to go to China in years to come.



Tom McKenna – Year 12

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