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Saturday, August 18, 2018

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China Little Flower Orphanage is managed completely by volunteers who want to use their time and talent actually helping children,  China Little Flower helps at least 150 children by continuing the same kind of orphan care programs that we have been operating continuously since 1995 (yes, we really have been doing this for 15 years!) 

The Types of Care We Provide 

(1)  Intensive special care for infants 
(2)  Group educational foster care 
(3)  Long-term care for mentally and physically disabled children 
(4)  Special causes 

Intensive special care for infants is for babies who need special help feeding or who require some kind of continuing special monitoring. A particular focus is caring for premature infants, although these projects also provide treatment for babies with club foot and other medical needs. This care runs 24/7/365 and there is a staff to child ratio of 1:2. These children cycle in and out of our projects about every 4-6 months. This means that while we may only have a capacity to care for 35 children at a time, we may actually care for more than 100 different children in a year. When the children leave our care they do not go back to the orphanage but into household foster care while they await adoption. Almost all of these children end up being adopted into “forever families!” 

Group educational foster care means putting 4-6 children together and forming a family. The children in these projects have physical disabilities but not mental disabilities. These children will one day be able to care for themselves, get jobs and live independently. We hire a husband and wife to come and be the foster parents in an apartment that we provide. The couple 
makes a five year commitment to stay with the children and they end up forming deep bonds. We have some parents now in their sixth year. We encourage brother and sister relationships among the children so that they can share a future link and since we have five of these “group homes,” we have put them all in the same place and they form a real community among themselves. It’s a really great place for these kids to grow up and they are all doing well. We have truly saved them from the uncertain and scary future of institutional care. There is a support manager who assists the family with medical, education, and therapy issues and the children are monitored daily. 


Long-term care for mentally and physically disabled children is very demanding. We take responsibility for the most difficult to care for children and they receive 24/7/365 care with a staff to child ratio of 1:5. This work is not for the faintĀ­hearted and the rewards are subtle--but in some ways that is what makes this work the most profoundly human. These kids look so unlovable and yet they teach us so much about love! 

Special Causes! A child from a poor family burned by a coal heating stove…children from a poor orphanage that needs help with paying school tuitions…a child from a poor family injured in a motorcycle accident and needing medical care that the family cannot afford…foster care support for children placed in families waiting for adoption. These kinds of needs--and many others--cross our path often and with your help we can help them. 

Little Flower Project Characteristics 
Little Flower Projects are grassroots, small-scale, very effective, and cost-efficient efforts at helping children in China who are most in need. What we do is truly lifeĀ­saving and life-changing. All of the day-to-day project management is done by dedicated local Chinese project managers who have made it their life purpose to help children in China. All of the administration and financial management is done by volunteers or donated, so there are no overhead charges for this work! 


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