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Saturday, August 18, 2018

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PIM Immersion Experience Application

Welcome to the PIM Immersion Experience Application page.

"Charity towards our neighbour forms another essential part of our spirit. We practice it first of all among ourselves by loving one another as brother, by considering our Society as the most united family found on earth, in rejoicing as much over virtues, talents and other qualities which our brothers possess as if we ourselves possessed them, in gently bearing up the little defects which some have not yet overcome and in covering them up with the mantle of the most sincere charity......"

Letter from St Eugene to Fr Gaudet, 1958


The Oblates are offering the opportunity to visit the Oblates China Missions project. The itinerary includes visiting the orphanage, working with the children and participating services activities as well as visiting some tourist attractions.


Monday 16th June to Friday 27th June, 2014


$1,050 per person share accommodation

$1,250 per person single accommodation

Price includes accommodation, meals, transfers, transport and entry into some tourist activities.

Important Note

Once you have submitted your registration, we will issue you with a Hotel Reservation form, required for your visa application. This will be issued within 7 days.

Please do not apply for your visa application without this.

To register, please:

1. Click on the REGISTER HERE button and complete the form (fill in all requires fields). 
After completing this form, you will be redirected to a payment page to complete your credit card payment. 

2. Click on the REGISTER TRAVEL DETAILS button and register your flight details

If you have any issues with your registration, please contact Luisa Amati at

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