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Monday, July 23, 2018

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Giving by going without for a month.

Dear Friends, 

Knowing that MAMI Supporters are already very generous it is difficult to ask for something above your normal incredible generosity.  

As you are well aware the financial situation around the world is putting pressure on all of us as individuals which means that the most vulnerable are the ones affected most by such economic downturns.  China Little Flower (CLF), the Chinese orphanage we are supporting with volunteers and some financial assistance, has traditionally received 90% of its financial support from the United States.  CLF was found by an American couple Sarena and Brent Johnston to help the abandoned children living with disabilities and it has been their ministry.  However, Brent and Serena also have to work fulltime to support themselves and their six children.  The OMIs work in partnership with the CLF supporting the community with pastoral care, Partner’s in Mission and some limited financial aid. 

The effects of the global financial crisis in the United States has put enormous strain on this small.   MAMI would like to commit to supporting CLF by providing one months running costs, which is $45,000 (AUS), above normal commitments this year.  The thermometer  on the page represents the number of donations already made to this special campaign. 

It is difficult to ask for more on top of our normal campaign so I would like to suggest giving up something small for a month to give the orphans a home for a month. 

China Little Flower Special Appeal

Special Appeal for China Little Flower

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For example, giving up 2 purchased coffees a week for a month.  Only 2000 people need to do this, saving around $6 a week and raise $24 for the month, which would cover the orphanage for a month.  Other examples might be taking lunch to work or washing your car at home rather than at car wash. You might find another small excess in your life that you might forgo for a month to make a difference. 

My hope and prayer is that it might also become an act of solidarity with those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Thank you again for your ongoing support. 

God bless

Fr Christian Fini omi 
Ps Donations are tax deductible. 
Pps MAMI takes no responsibility or liability for adverse reaction caused by sudden decrease in caffeine or allergies caused by soapsuds. 

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