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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Parish Groups

Our Parish has many groups which are run by volunteers from our parish. This page contains all the Groups and Details for each. 


Alcoholic's Anonymous

D'Bay & B'gary: 3265 9162.
24 hour emergency: 3236 2414

If you want to drink, that's your business. If you want to stop, that's our business
Deception Bay Group of Alcoholics Anonymous meet every Tuesday at 8pm and Friday 7.30pm at the 
Catholic Church, Thompson Street.

Children's Liturgy Burpengary Contact: Parish Office
Telephone: 3888 3973
Church's Cleaning

St. Eugene - Parish Office
Telephone: 3888 3973

Community Care and Concern (Bereavement Ministry)

Burpengary, Narangba, Deception Bay
Mobile: 0407 753 128



Parish based organized group, who volunteer to serve their local community by responding to the needs of the people in a Christian, neighbourly and practical way.


To provide SHORT TERM EMERGENCY services in the areas of visitation, home help, handyman, transport, prayer circle and other services, which meet particular needs in the local area. 
We acknowledge the need to support and encourage each of our members.

As a Catholic organization working in cooperation with other Christian churches, we are inspired in our ministry by:

The love of the Father,
the word and example of Jesus
and the guidance of the Spirit.

For furhter information and enquiries on receiving help or becoming a volunteer, contact a Care and Concern Coordinator.

Fete Committee Contact Parish Office:
Telephone: 3888 3973
Music Ministry Contact: Parish Office 
Telephone: 3888 3973
Parish Finance Committee Contact Person: Fr David
Telephone: 3888 3973
Parish Pastoral Council

Contact Person: Parish Office
Telephone: 3888 3973

A Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative team of Parishioners, elected and appointed, serving the Parish Community in a collaborative ministry with the Parish Priest.

The role of the PPC is to offer considered advice and assistance in areas pertaining to the pastoral needs of the Parish. It is a ministry of service to the Parish. This ministry of service is a responsibility to which we are all called to share in, through our Baptism our celebration of the Eucharist and as members or our Parish community.

A PPC finds its service in ministering to the Liturgical, Educational, Social, Caring and Youth pastoral needs of the Parish. The PPC can and must respond to these issues in the Community.

Piety Stall Contact Parish Office
Telephone: 3888 3973
Play Group Contact Person: Meaghan
Telephone: 5428 6676
Prayer Circle Contact Person: Jeannie
Telephone: 3886 6802
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Contact Person: Parish Office
Telephone: 3888 3973
Rosary Group

Marie's Rosary Group 1988 - 2003

Contact Person: Parish Office
Telephone: 3888 3973

Marie's Rosary Group was formed in 1988 by Marie Schultz (Deceased) and Sr. Mary Antoinette. We are now into our 15th year and we meet every Monday Morning at Christ the King Church Hall from 9.45am - 12 noon. We average 12 to 15 members. We pray the rosary, say prayers & special intentions and petitions are offered up and presented to our dear Lady in Heaven. Our Rosary morning is followed by brunch.

First Saturdays Rosary (Requested by Our Lady at Fatima in 1917)

Contact Person: Anna
Telephone: 3886 6106 or 3886 6629

The Rosary is prayed every 1st Saturday of the month, at 8.30 - St. Eugene Church. The aim is to stop the spread of moral errors among humanity and thus bring peace to the world, to families and to individuals.

The Living Rosary Group


The Rosary is prayed at home. Everybody prays daily a different mystery for the whole month, thus the group of 20 people pray daily the whole rosary. We have a meeting every 1st Sunday of the month, at 10.30 at St. Eugene Church. Then we change mysteries and discuss the topic and prayer intention.


Confirmation/Eucharist Co-Ordinator 
Contact Person: Parish Office
Telephone: 3888 3973

Marriage Preparation 
Contact Person: Parish Office
Telephone: 3888 3973

Baptism Co-Ordinator 
Contact Person: Parish Office
Telephone: 3888 3973

Sonshine Morning

Contact Person: Fay
Telephone: 3888 4698

Sonshine Morning is a ministry of the Parish of St. Eugene de Mazenod. The morning is open to all, but is especially for people isolate din their homes, because of frailty, age, lack of mobility, or any other reason. The morning begins with a cuppa and chat, followed by entertainment, Hoy, etc. There is approximately 80 people (including volunteers) each week, and for most a very important part of their week. Sonshine is held every Wednesday morning (except school holidays), beginning at 10am. until 12 noon. Transport can be arranged (for inquiries, phone Fay 3888 4698) or phone the Parish office.

St Vincent De Paul

Contact Person: Deception Bay Conference
Telephone: 3203 0879


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