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Saturday, August 18, 2018

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In the 1960s Father Noel Coghlan, Parish Priest of St. Joseph's, Springvale, had the foresight to see the need for the Church to expand to North Springvale. he laid the foundations of the Parish of St. John Vianney, Springvale North.

In 1963 the Oblates of Mary Immaculate opened their seminary, St. Mary's, in Jackson's Road, Mulgrave. During the same year negotiations were held with Archbishop D. Mannix, Monsignor L. Moran, Father Noel Coghlan and Father William Cagney OMI, Provincial, regarding the creation of a separate parish incorporating St. Mary's Seminary, and also the establishment of a regional boys secondary college in the area.

On April 3rd 1964 the parish of St. John Vianney's, Springvale North was officially established with Father Felix Gavin OMI appointed as Parish Priest, and Father Donal Madigan OMI as Assistant Priest.

In 1967 Mazenod College temporarily started at St. Joseph's, Springvale; and in 1968 the College was opened in Kernot Avenue, Mulgrave with Father James Fitzpatrick, OMI, Rector, and Father Patrick Moroney OMI.

Over the years the Oblate presence in St. John Vianney's Parish has developed a richness and a great sense of Oblate community through contact with St. Mary's Seminary and Mazenod College in particular.

The many Oblate visitors to the Parish add to the laity sharing in the extended Oblate community and growth together as a tightly knit Oblate community.

In 1981 the parish priest, Fr John Hannah launched a plan to provide a home for the frail aged. He felt that while parishes did much for children and youth, the aged were the `forgotten poor . . . (and ) the most helpless.'   The priests of the parish minister to the attached John Hannah Hostel to this day.


In 1994, the Parish was part of the nation-wide celebrations by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate of their presence in and service of the people of Australia for one hundred years. The parish also has a primary school attached and a thriving youth group, among many other faith and community groups.


Past parish priests at St. John Vianney's



Parish Priest
 Fr. Felix Gavin OMI
 1964-1970  Founding parish priest
 Fr. Noel Geraghty OMI
 Fr. John Hannah OMI
 Fr. William Cagney OMI
 Fr. Anthony Maher OMI
 Fr. Ian Mackintosh OMI
 Fr. Kevin Davine OMI
 Current parish priest.









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