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Saturday, August 18, 2018

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Shortly after the acceptance of a parish in Sefton, NSW in 1948, the Oblates undertook the care of Moe in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria.   Like Sefton, it proved an admirable Oblate ministry.   Moe had been a very insignificant part of the Gippsland area in early days when the few settlers had been given pastoral care by priests travelling down from the southern regions of New South Wales.   Moe, during these years, formed part of the Warragul parish, yet also developed something of its own importance.   A small wooden church dedicated to St Kevin, was opened on December 16th 1900.

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Mass Times:

Saturday- 6.30 pm

Sunday- 10.30 am

Parish Priest: Fr. Harry Dyer OMI



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