oblate missionaries across the world

Apart from the Oblate missionaries serving in Australia and China, there are several Australian OMIs serving in missions all around the world. Below are stories of their travels and adventures. These men are great examples of missionary zeal and daring, going to foreign places to spread the Gospel. Please keep them in your prayers.


fr gerry conlan omi

Fr Gerry serves in the Kenyan Mission.

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Fr mario azrak omi

Fr Mario has served in the Kenyan mission and is currently assisting in the Lacombe province of Canada.

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fr charlie burrows OMI

Fr Charlie has served in the mission of Indonesia for over 40 years. He has helped build up much of the infrastructure in Cilacap area. He serves as prison chaplain to the high-security prisons near Cilacap, and has been a presence to those especially sentenced to death.

To learn more about Charlie’s work in Indonesia and to donate to his projects, follow the link below.


Fr John Wotherspoon OMI

Fr John serves in the China mission. Based in Hong Kong, Fr John has dedicated himself to prison ministry and, in particular, to the care of those on charges of drug trafficking. He spends a lot of time and effort educating people from Africa, Asia and South America who are at risk of being taken advantage of as drug mules. To learn more about his work, visit his site at the link below.


Fr Peter Stoll OMI

Fr Peter served as a missionary in Indonesia for many years and is currently based in Rome, serving as the General Councillor for the Asia-Oceania region.

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Fr Sholto Douglas OMI

Fr Sholto is currently serving in the Oblate mission in Zimbabwe.

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