End of another Year...but another soon to start.

On Monday 10th December the Oblate Youth group at St John Vianney’s Parish, Springvale North, celebrated their last youth group for the year with an end of year Christmas party. Both juniors, seniors and old friends from near and far came together to celebrate this advent season and the coming feast of Christmas. Games were played, prayers were said and a lot of food was consumed in celebrating the year that has been and looking forward to the year to come. It has been a strong year for the SJVs Oblate Youth group, with both Juniors and Seniors meeting every Monday night, as well as participating in a variety of ministries in the monthly Youth Mass on every first Sunday of the month. In addition, members also participated in the National Oblate Youth Encounter, Re-Encounter, the Australian Catholic Youth Ministry Convention and the Ignite Conference. All the angels in heaven must truly be rejoicing at the fact that so many young people in this parish are dedicated to their faith and take a lot of time out of their schedules to participate in the life and mission of our faith community. They will, no doubt, be shining symbols to their generation and be the leaders of our Church in the future.

To find out more about the SJV Oblate Youth group visit https://www.oblateyouth.com.au/sjv

To register for the upcoming National Oblate Youth Encounter visit https://www.oblateyouth.com.au/new-events/2019/1/3/noye-2019