oblate spirituality


the love of jesus christ

Above all, an Oblate is a man of Jesus Christ. He has experienced Christ. He has heard the Master's call to leave all and follow him. He strives to live the life of Jesus and to share his mission. Each day Oblates gather for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and united in their love for Christ, allow themselves to be moulded by His Spirit. Eternally aware of God's abundant mercy, Oblates recognise their own humility before the Cross of Christ and are aware of the deep love Christ has for them and for every single person.


A Man for the poor

The Oblate is also a man for the poor. He is well aware of the misery of the world and he is profoundly affected by the cry of the poor. In the cry of the poor, with their many faces, he has heard the call of Jesus. These poor include the young, the homeless, the sick, prisoners, migrants, everyone who suffers from injustice or who has never heard of Jesus or who has forgotten him. He loves these poor in a particular way and desires to make known to them their own greatness and dignity in Jesus Christ. Our zeal for their salvation impels us as missionaries to the poorest and most abandoned.


a man of the church

The Oblate is also a man of the Church. For him, Jesus Christ and the Church are one. To love the Church is to love Christ himself. St Eugene de Mazenod knew from personal experience that the Church was not perfect, and even when he suffered from decisions of the hierarchy he continued to love the Church in its entirety without withdrawing his love from any particular
portion of it. For he knew that the salvation of the poor, their true growth and happiness lies in the Church, the people of God.


under the protection of mary

The Oblate is a man of the Virgin Mary. In pledging himself to follow Christ, he has met his mother, the Immaculate Virgin and, like the apostle John, has made a place for her in his home. In his life, she has become a support, a discreet and constant presence. He shares his sufferings and joys as a missionary with her. He tries to make her known and loved.